The First Post – Monumental!!

Three weeks ago I was sitting on a beach in Thailand drinking cocktails watching the sunset over the sea with a friend from Switzerland. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Last night I was sitting on top of a pile of poo (I was unloading) in an old rusty ute drinking water from a canister watching the sunset over the hills with my doggey friend Tuggey under the ute. Both were perfect. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I’ve been travelling overseas quite a lot in the last 3 years. I’ve written on my Facebook and written emails to my friends. Many have encouraged me to write a book or a blog. So here’s my blog!! About my life on the farm and other things such as food, travel, soil health….  just about my thoughts and living and maybe a bit of Spanish tossed in too to help me keep up my Spanish!! I’ve lived all my life in towns and cities so I’ve done the Tree Change thing and am now living on an 1,100 acre (454 hectares) farm in northern NSW. “Roughly” 420km westish from Brisbane (roughly because I’m in NSW not QLD). But no time for more right now as its time to go and watch the shearing at the Coolatai Tractor Pull. Fun day watching tractors of all classes test their hormones again each other. I don’t have a car so I’m going to walk down – its about 1.5kms cross country or 3kms via the road. I think I’ll go cross country and hope I don’t encounter any snakes or wild pigs with babies!! Ha – this is exciting starting my blog. It’s not set up properly yet but I can post!! Yiiippeee!! I was going to set this up last night but… I didn’t like yesterday’s date 17/5/13. It just didn’t seem balanced but 18/5/13 – seems nice plus 5 + 13 = 18….. I like it!! Hasta pronto (until soon) …… off to the tractors and the local bushrangers!!


7 responses to “The First Post – Monumental!!

    • Thanks for your comment Lilian (my favourite aunties name was Lilian!). I never thought of living on a “real” farm full time. Lots for me to learn but heaps of fun. I lived such a structured life. Now – each day appears and plans itself!! I love it.

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