I hardly know where to begin with this blog! All the vocabulary is like another language. I am soooo overwhelmed I really an struggling to know what to do first.

Like a basic old, fashioned mobile – right now I just want to sent and receive calls and upload photos……  No bells or whistle or widgets or gidgets or anythings…. Just basic post with photo (I haven’t worked out how to upload a photo into a post yet….. today’s mission – but the chooks are clucking to be let out and the dogs need feeding……).

The first photo I uploaded was my Gravatar (am I turning blue??) ended up being up-side-down and regardless of what I did – it ended up-side-down. I will just have to be up-side-down for a while as I want to write – not fluff about with these details. I’m in Australia – Down Under – so perhaps I’m the right-way-up!!

I have heaps of photos from the Coolatai Tractor Pull last weekend I would like to post. THAT is my mission today. To upload photos onto this blog.

This is exciting, writing this blog – but I am finding this very first bit very frustrating and not quite as intuitive as I thought it would be. I was hoping for Wizard101 to come and guide me through this – but I obviously haven’t muttered the right words. He hasn’t appeared so it back to the search and try and retry and whoops….. and try again. All part of the learning curve really but right now I don’t want to crawl – I want to RUN and write and upload photos and…..

Patience is a virtue. Today I will try to be virtuous….. but later as right now I need to fed a few animals.

Hasta pronto……….



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