Linked to Facebook

OK – after much frustration I think I’ve done it. I’ve searched and searched and in a fit of annoyance and needing a break I made some chocolate and posted that and ……. voila, how to do it came up. A simple click!! Sometimes computers can be soooooo frustrating. It’s always possible. It’s just working out how; which button is the magic button. Hopefully this WILL work though.


Setting this up has not been so straight forward for me – but I think I’m over the worst and now that I have the basics can only improve from here!!

Yey – up and running and linking to FB and posting photos!! My HUGE achievement for the week (all you Gen X and Y’ers remember I’m a baby boomer!! Give me some slack!!). xx


6 responses to “Linked to Facebook

    • Hey Trace!! Yes – it worked!! All very exciting to have this functioning – now I just have to write. Practice makes perfect in everything. Thanks for leaving a comment. Each comment is approved – hence the delay. xx

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