I Wet The Bed……….

….. luckily only with paint.

A bed on the washing line!!

A bed on the washing line!!

After 21+ years of service it was time to give my good old bed a skin graft. So I rubbed it back and applied the new skin. Feels better than new as it now also has all the memories of kids crawling into bed in the morning and Mothers Day breakfast in (and I mean IN the bed rather than ON) my bed as well my bed is still in perfect shape (touch of envy here!!).

Does one throw out something because it’s old and requires some work?? Do we ignore needed changes in our old relationships because they need a bit of work? We’re so complacent with how we are. Can we be bothered to change what we have grown to accept?

We have such a tendency to do this. For me, it cost me about $30 to renovate it so it looks better than when I bought it. A bit of elbow grease as well but this is definitely offset by the satisfaction factor. Maybe I need to look where an oldie but goodie relationship needs a bit of attention and reap the benefits of the renewed satisfaction factor!!

Lala salama.

(“Sweet dreams” in Swahili – I love these words – they just sounds so good – all those a’s just rolling together!!)

Hasta pronto……


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