Danthonia Open Day With Peter Andrews

My day is going to be spent at the Danthonia Community near Inverell, NSW where Peter Andrews is presenting. (If you’ve forgotten, Peter Andrews is the guy who wrote “Back From The Brink”. Very cool guy. Out there ideas. Lots of courage to go against mainstream thinking about land regeneration.).

Danthonia has implemented some of Peter’s ideas so it will be great to see them “in the real”. I’m looking forward to hearing this revolutionary guy speak and to see how Danthonia have interpreted his concepts and applied them to their land.

I’m going to have an exciting day. I’ll tell you about my adventures tomorrow! (Plus I’m going into a town with  shops so I can go shopping!! Yyyiiiippppeeeee!)

Hasta mañana……..

PS This is my first scheduled blog post!! It’s 10pm at night and I have scheduled this for 8am tomorrow. I will leave home at 7.30 am as it’s about 1.5 hours to Danthonia, so this will post while I am driving!! Ha – another little blog trick tried!! Poco a poco….. little by little…….


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