Bursting Pomegranates!!

The wonderful colours of my pomegranate!!

The wonderful colours of my pomegranate!!


I’d never really tried pomegranates before I lived in Spain earlier this year for a while. It was winter in Spain and pomegranates were in season so I tried one and I love them.

To my surprise, all those little capsules are filled with delicious, sweet juice which runs down your fingers as you peel it so you get to lick your fingers and make a mess of everything in the process.

As you bite the capsules, they burst and your mouth is filled with succulent juice, a bit similar to a berry flavour. Then you have to try and peel away more skin to reveal some more of them. My fingers are too slow for my taste buds!!

I eat them raw but also put them in my muesli or in rice pudding or in my “super smoothies”. The taste is fabulous but the colour they add to the mix is inspiring too!  When I put spiralina in my super smoothies, the colour tends to be a pretty ordinary mucky colour so the full redness of these bursting “pomecaps” changes the colour to something more colourful.

Pomegranates are now definitely on my winter list of yummies (they must be full of Vitamin C)! (Bought at the Coolatai Tractor Pull so I hope I can find them elsewhere).


Hasta pronto……. (maybe not tomorrow as my patience is being tried by REALLY slow internet………)



2 responses to “Bursting Pomegranates!!

  1. Definitely a fruit for the patient. I love them as well…such solid little capsules of delight…they hold up really well in salads too! I have a pomegranate bush in my garden that had dropped the fruit mid-summer both years I have been here…what a disappointment. And thanks to your blog, I have discovered that I’ve been spelling it incorrectly as well.

    • Yes – tricky one to spell especially with our accent!! Maybe next year we can have a pomegranate party at your place! I bet roasted pomegranate would be good too – hot, red juice….. Mmmmmmm. I will have to try it in salads too – thanks for the suggestion. Love and hugs to you and Dave (and a marshmallow for Dave – perfectly caramelised on the top – because he made our marshmallow fire xx)!!!)

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