At 84….

It’s my Dad’s 84th birthday today.

I hope when I’m 84 Dad that I am as alert and spritely as you are. I love how you are still doing calculus and building telescopes and reading papers which look like hieroglyphics to me as they have so many maths symbols on them and fixing your car and creating amazing technical things with your metal lathe and still swimming a kilometre most days.

You’re amazing Dad. Thanks for never limiting my world. Thanks to you and Mum for sacrificing many thing so as to give me opportunities to be educated so I have been free to choose whatever it is I have wanted to do. Choice is freedom.

Einstein is quoted as having said : “The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable receiving.”. Thanks for quietly giving me so much Dad – most of all the examples you give by living how you do and loving to learn regardless of age or the thickness of your glasses!! You have never had a limitation of what is possible – for yourself or me. Through me you have passed this on to Alexander who is now seeing no limits with his bicycle as he races professionally in France. You’re legacy lives on; including through your amazing grandson ( .

Happy birthday Dad. You continue to be an inspiration!! I love you.


Alexander pushing the limits in France!

Alexander pushing the limits in France!



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