The Tables Are Turning……

Finally – the tables are turning against Monsanto. Previously, when Monsanto patented seed blew into neighbouring farms and contaminated the neighbouring farms’ crops, Monsanto sued the farmers whose farms were infiltrated for breach of patent – using their seeds.

Now a similar thing has happened in reverse but with non-approved GMO wheat. Monsanto calls these “escaped” plants “volunteer plants”. Total b^@&*@~~!!!! I just hope the courts use some common sense now. Japan and South Korea have cancelled huge US wheat orders. Currently the only way things will change – when money speaks.

This article details what is going on with this case with some history as well. GO Ernest!!

It’s on! Farmers begin suing Monsanto over genetic pollution of wheat crops.

On another great note relating to getting rid of GM, most of Italy has banned GM crops with Tuscany imposing heavy fines for growing GM crops. A small article here:

GM Crops Banned in most of Italy

All following in Bolivia’s footsteps. I wonder how Bolivia is fairing after having imposed a phasing out of GM crops nearly 2 years ago. President Evo Morales is a true hero in my eyes. I know many Bolivian farmers don’t agree with Morales’ Mother Earth Policy – but someone has to take the tough step and start stepping “back” into the future!!!

The GO at this point is GMO free (I think – our food labelling laws leave much to be desired so one can’t be certain – but to the best of my knowledge The GO is GMO free). Actually, on second thoughts, I have no idea about the locally produced crops here. Maybe they are GMO crops and the chances are high that GMO pollution has blown onto The GO. No where is safe from air-borne genetic pollution – it’s like WWI’s nerve gases – no escape!! Once released it can never be recaptured!!


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