Mandy suggested I add a widget!! She knows what she’s doing so I had a look…….

OMG – I feel so overwhelmed by 15 gizillion widgets and theme options and custom designs and polls and the difference between a post and a page and  tags and Akismet stats (!!!) and web hooks and how you can link to everyone and everything ……… except I don’t know how to!!! I thought I was getting pretty close to being an expert when I learned today to add a URL….. and THEN to title the URL!!!

Think again Fi – you’ve a lllllloooooonnnnnnnggggg way to do. But as Seth Godin (one of my “changing the world” heros) says  “Just GO”!!! And as I live on The GO I’m GOing as well as going!!

Soon I will even learn how you can connect better with me AND I will learn to connect with you!!! All advice gratefully received!

Hasta pronto……….


2 responses to “Widgets!!

  1. Fiona, you are off to a flying start with this blog – well done. Every post you have learnt something new (such as linking to other blogs (thank you)), and the number of followers you have is just staggering. I’ll be coming to you for advice shortly!

    • I don’t think so Mandy. You have so many bells and whistles on your blog and years of experience. I’m still struggling to get the photos where I want them – and the text. It’s certainly an art form – but with a few rules that I have no idea about and as I’m not good with rules……. Will I ever learn? Oh, well. Permaculture gardens generally look pretty messy but have lots of gems in them. My blog will just have to be the same!! But its heaps of fun learning something totally new.

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