This blog world IS a whole different world! Whole different vocabulary and things to learn.

One thing I gather is important/desired is getting “traffic”. How do you get more people passed your blog?

How do you get people from you Facebook page to your actual blog so their comments remain on your blog? (Comments on my blog make me feel more connected than on FB. Same with “likes”. My blog feels more “me” than my FB page.).

I’m sure there are tonnes of widgets and things to help me but I need to find the time to learn about it. Like anything, the more time you put into learning something, the faster and more proficient you become!

But any helpful hints from anyone would be welcomed. Or feedback/comments on what you think would be good on/off my blog. How do YOU see my blog? It’s like me looking at the rural landscape – I used to see grass, not the species. Someone had to help me see the species so please feel free to teach me about widget species!!

I’m enjoying blogging!!

Smiley weekend to you all.



6 responses to “Traffic!!

    • Yes you would Nene. It’s just a matter of starting – and then keeping going. I joined LinkedIn and linked both my Facebook and LinkIn to my blog. I think it helps. I’m sure when I find the time and Google for suggestions there will be tons of great ideas. It’s just a matter of time!! Stay inspired. I feel the first part is the hard part – finding a rhythm and a space which suits you.

  1. recommend that you do some research on SEO – Search Engine Optimised – what does that mean – its means that you use words and phrases that search engines such as google quickly and easily recognise. the search engines are designed for how people search for info – so you need to step back from your blog and consider the common set of words and phrases that people would use in their searches so that your pages come up to the top!
    Fiona – you can really write and its fun to read – so I think that you should simply go with your heart and write about what you feel is important to you!

    • Wow – just what I needed. Someone who knows about this “stuff”. This gives me a great clue how to start being “found” although I am really happy with the views I’ve had. Over 500 views in less than 3 weeks! This is such a new arena for me – very exciting to be learning about this.

      I may just get back to you about this “stuff” as I am not quite ready to spend time on connecting more. But this gives me great food for thought. Thanks for guiding me. Much appreciated.

      And thanks for even more compliments. A girl can NEVER get too many – especially when she feels like the new girl in the corner of the blog room!! Besos. xx

  2. you are never going to win with words like ‘traffic’, ‘adventure’ or ‘on the go’ because there is already so many of these words in use. Do some research with your pages in terms of using a specific string of words or a phrase (that people may use to search for info) and then search on the string with google to see if it comes up in the first 20 or so! If it does then you’re on the road to SEO!

    • Yep – will do. New to me so will have to throw out another box to open some headspace room!! Would appreciate you thinking about this too and emailing me ideas Paul. You are obviously experienced at this.

      Thanks for your input. xx

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