Formally Introducing Coolatai Grass – It’s Almost Embarrassing!

I thought because I have all these pieces of paper from various institutions that I have a reasonable grasp  on English and can basically understand most written texts that I read in English. Ha – then along came  a short paragraph on Coolatai grass and showed me just how little I know!!

Jude has this big, fat tome on Flora. Actually there are FOUR volumes – and its JUST for New South Wales in Australia. All really thick!! And heavy – great for when you’re gluing something and need some weight.

The Flora Bible!! Well worm with use.

The Flora Bible!! Well worm with use.

I look up Coolatai Grass – Vol 4 pg 446. So far, so good.

I turn to the page and start reading!!!


The section from the Flora book I was reading – ok, trying to read about Hyparrhenia hirta.

I start with the scientific name: Hyparrhenia hirta. I never know how to pronounce these Latin and Greek derived names. Luckily the expert does so I get some help to get passed the first two words.

It’s down hill from there. I can’t understand one line fully. All these words I’ve never heard of – let alone know what they mean. I think I almost would have more luck reading in Spanish.

What’s a ligule or a raceme or a spikelet (have they just misspelt pikelet?) or a lemma or spatheole or a glume (Is this a perimenopausal mood swing of a plant?)?

I start to think I’ve picked up the Karma Sutra for plants! I don’t even understand most of the abbreviations.

Sigh – I have a lot to learn before I can tell all those grasses out there in the paddocks apart. I’ll stick to being the scribe on our grass monitoring adventures!! At this stage I have no choice. I’m in grass kindergarten!!


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