Unexpectedly Marooned!!

There’s nothing like being unexpectedly marooned away from home. Finding a different island paradise to bask in for a short time.

I left to find a lost friend (another story) a couple of days ago. I’m now on my way home and was expecting to wake up in my bed this morning but – nope, a different one!!

My "new" bed for the night. A special handmade quilt and all!! The patience and talent of people constantly inspire me.

My “new” bed for the night. A special handmade quilt and all!! The patience and talent of people constantly inspires me.

(By the way – have you noticed the nicely balanced date: 13/6/13? Pity we won’t have a 31/6/13!!)

I dropped in to see some friends as my last port of call in Inverell last night before heading into mobile non-reception territory and home. (The bush really is at such a disadvantage with telecommunications in Australia. Australian politicians and non-bushies mostly don’t appreciate the huge difference in cost and service between the city and the bush. Most people in the bush don’t like Telstra as their service is very poor and it is ridiculously expensive compared to the city but Telstra has the monopoly on bush service so we’re stuck with whatever they decide to offer. I’m looking forward to competition out here!!).

My housemate Jude rang – very briefly. She was in the middle of a torrential downpour with thunder and lightening close to the house. She advised me not to come home. I wouldn’t get up the track!!

Nothing like being told not to come home!!!

We have to drive about 1km across the TSR (The Travelling Stock Route – the Australia wide network of routes along which drovers in the past moved their stock – sheep and cattle mostly. They are largely unused now which means anything associated with them is not maintained – including our access road). When we get more than about 16mm of rain it becomes a boggy, slithery mess. We’ve had probably close to triple that rainfall this week.

As Jude is telling me this I look at my friends as I repeat what Jude is saying “Don’t come home”. My friends even looked excited that I was going to “have” to stay. It constantly amazes me how generous and welcoming people are – everywhere in the world – not that my friends were given much choice here!!

So I am stranded at my friends’ home. Surrounded by toys and nappies and noise. It’s fabulous. I got to read storybooks and listen to clarinet practise and discuss teenage authors and writing genres (fantasy romance – I’ve forgotten this genre since I got into botany books and nutrient cycling and Viktor Schauberger!!) and learning a little Italian. It’s been quite a while since I have been part of such a wonderfully happy, chaotic and busy kid/family routine.

"Wed tuck go bbmmmmmm" (I've forgotten how tricky it is to say R)

“Wed tuck go bbmmmmmm” (I’ve forgotten how tricky it is to say R. Well – I should remember as I find the rolling rrrrrr in SPanish VERY tricky – if not generally “imposible“!)

All lubricated by red wine and concluding with a mind stimulating conversation before bed – without kids. Perfect balance of all elements.

This is what I love about life. Unplanned adventures. I love how they pop into my life and make everyday an unplanned adventure which turns out to be fun. Sometimes challenging and tiring – but always satisfying. I usually go to bed smiling at the pleasures and unexpected adventures of the day.

I’m not sure I will get home today as it’s continued to rain. Luckily I put in some spare knickers!! I don’t mind recycling or extending the “cleanliness” life of a shirt or jeans but there is a limit!

I know today’s adventure will include packing vegetable boxes. My friends run an inspiring online grocery store in Inverell Revisiting Nature – check them out!!. They offer organic and natural products to everyone. A creative and valuable service to all of us out here who are choosing to change their life choices to include the earth and community. Getting this quality and range of product out here is not easy and especially being gluten free!! Products are delivered/collected once a week and today is “divi up” day. Big boxes of fruit and vege are delivered and they have to be divided into the orders.

So I am lucky enough to get a glimpse into this world and pack boxes and talk! Love it!!

There are definitely fun advantages of a boggy track and being stranded!! I love being marooned!! I’ll be sad when the noise and waters subside! Definitely on my list of “Want to do again”!

Thanks BDs for your hospitality and friendship! You always inspire me.

Hasta pronto………..


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