Winter Solstice!

Yesterday it was the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere. Today we had more sunlight time than yesterday. Yesterday we had 9 hours 46 mins and 29 seconds of daylight and today we had 9 hours 46 minutes and 31 seconds. I was wondering why the washing seemed to dry faster today!!

The first sunrise after the Winter Solstice!! Another tranquil start to the day - but also to new season.

The first sunrise after the Winter Solstice!! Another tranquil start to the day – but also to a new season.

That’s one thing I love about living in the country. I can see the cycles of nature around me. I am so much more aware of  the weather and the seasons and the effects that these have on many elements. – especially the growing of the grasses which are currently present. I am so much more aware of how important the natural cycles are and how I need to be in tune with them.

Here in the country I am so much more aware of where we are in the lunar cycle and the sun shifting its angles during the year. From our house on the ridge we can see sunrise and moonrise easily – and them setting to the West. The full moon rising over the horizon it just an awesome sight. Hopefully it won’t be cloudy so I can see it tomorrow.

I took this photo this morning as the sun came up. It was really frosty so I stayed in bed until the light changed and I knew the sun was about to breach the horizon – it takes me about 3 seconds to get to the back door from my nice warm bed! I wanted to take this photo so I knew exactly where the sun’s mostly northernly position is. I could calculate it using the knowledge that during Solstices the tilt of the axil of the Earth (with respect to the Sun) is at its maximum of 23° 26′. But diving out of bed with a camera seems easier and more meaningful to me!!

In the city and when I am travelling around the world it seems to be so much harder to keep track of the lunar and solar movements.Whilst travelling or in the city my life is run much more by a clock. Plus I don’t seem to be outside, especially at night, as much simply to see the moon. Here in the country my life runs by the sun. The sun is up – I’m up. If the sun is down – I stop working. Simple. A much more sustainable lifestyle – less stress without a clock in my life.

Now sunset is at 5pm but at the summer solstice on 22nd December this year it will be at 8:20pm and the amount of day light will be just over 14 1/2 hours nearly 5 hours more daylight than we had today. It’s amazing!!

Here’s to the longer days – and warmer days.

Hasta pronto……


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