Coolatai Pony Express – More Photos

It was a bit frustrating yesterday not being able to upload all the photos at once. Being a double click city chick who expects everything to down load at the speed of changing page or tab, I get sooooooo annoyed at Telstra’s lack of speed. Their total monopoly lets them give us whatever service they want and at whatever cost they want – very expensive.

As a total aside – has anyone tried the Aldi prepaid mobile service which piggy backs on Telstra? I read this review which seems positive. It says in some areas it is limited to 3G but we only get 3G (despite promises of 4G!!). Read about Aldi prepaid phone offers. And let me know what you think

OK – Pony Express Part 2 – Part 1 here before my patience and time ran out!!

I want to up load some more photos of the fun morning at the Pony Express – on Motorcross bike!!

One thing I loved about the day was all the colours of the bikes and the gear – the clothes, boots, body plates and especially the helmets. Its kind of like a fashion show of dazzling colours. I loved the strong colours as then I could pick out those riders more easily.

Below are some photo libraries of different parts of the Express. (I’m sitting here Ommmmming hard and hoping that despite poor weather the upload speed will be good).

Hasta pronto………





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