Copyright Issues For My Blog – And Yours!!

I’ve worked with Copyright in the past so wanted to do something about this on my blog. It’s taken me a while to get around to doing this. Finally I’ve prioritised it and added copyright to my blog. I might change it later but for now it seems appropriate and adequate.

I knew of Creative Commons – an organisation set up to help people express their copyright permissions for their creative works in a standard and now internationally recognised format. I feel it is the easiest way to express your rights. The green logo is becoming accepted for all sorts of media so this is why I have used it on my blog.

You can do this too by linking to this tiny questionnaire and getting the computer script to put in your blog footer:   Creative Commons Licensing Agreement

Creative Commons is such a great way to express your copyright issues. (Image from:

Creative Commons is such a great way to express your copyright permissions. (Image from:

All these symbols are explained at this link. Mine basically says that people can use  my copyrighted works if they attribute it to me as being the originator of the work, it is not distributed for commercial profit and that any new work building on from or directly quoting my work is to apply the same type of licensing agreement.

All part of a day’s blogging!! Soooo many aspects to blogging and fun learning them all concurrently.

Hasta pronto……


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