A Course Of Remedies

Right now I am in Brisbane (the largest city near The GO and where I used to live). Mainly to do a course and catch up with people.

Yesterday I went to the course with my daughter. It was a Homeopathy for the Home course. Which was just great. I learned heaps – including again how little I know. But, like everything, a little more practise and reading and I will learn more.

I became more consciously aware of homeopathy about 8 years ago. I was VERY sceptical. I come from a science background so I was sceptical that these little white pillules could actually hold the magic that they do. They weren’t pharmaceutical drugs and I was totally indoctrinated into believing that chemical drugs were there the only cures for my health problems. Could help me “get better”. But I have had a few experiences with homeopathics now. They had such a dramatic impact on my health that now I am a firm believer in them. They are natural, without side effects. They are kind and gentle on the body. You can take them with you. They are specific to YOU at that moment.

There were lots of books and essences to explore at the Homeopathy course

There were lots of books and essences to explore at the Homeopathy course

One of these health changing events was after I got home from Africa the first time. I had been in a car accident. The tour vehicle I was in was swept off a flooded causeway into the flooded river. I don’t remember what happened (it was pretty scary!!) but in the process I go a MASSIVE hit to my leg. I ended up with a swollen shin – about 30 cms long (more or less my whole shin) and 15 cms wide. Over the next week it continued to be swollen and inflamed and hot and red. It was really uncomfortable but not that bad that I stopped my safari. I was in love with all the animals and people and just wanted to see more. I self administered homeopathics from my small travel kit which always travels with me.

When I came home I went to my homeopath. At this stage the swelling was about 5 cms high. The doctor had prescribed antibiotics. I don’t like antibiotics as it kills all my gut flora which I try so hard to maintain. I know my gut flora keeps me healthy. I try not to kill those who help me so I look after my gut flora!! I don’t want to have to start from scratch again building my intestinal flora so its been nearly a decade since I’ve had antibiotics. I’m not even sure why I went to the doctor. I rarely do now except for blood tests to see how my health is going. Being vegetarian I am acutely aware of the paranoia around vegetarians and iron and protein and B12. I like to keep and eye on these things to reassure me that I am vitally healthy and doctors are the easiest people to get this information through. Our health care system demands that you work through them so I have had to learn to use the system to assist me take care of my health.

My homeopath gave me a remedy after her intense questioning. It  always surprises me how penetrating the questions are. I am so much more aware of my body and any imbalances now from homeopathy. It’s similar to observing and knowing your land and when something alters.

The remedy was small pillules to be dissolved in water and sipped. I’d had this wound over a week. It was still huge and hot and red and swollen and uncomfortable and itchy.

Getting the exact remedy can be a little tricky as sometimes you haven’t observed the signs closely enough so you don’t give the homeopath enough clues as to which remedy should be prescribed. Sometimes it is obvious. Sometimes not. I have learned to be patient and not be critical or cynical if the first remedy doesn’t work. It means I have to work harder at observing the symptoms.

This time my brilliant homeopath gave me the perfect remedy the first time – which happens more often than not after having said what I just said above!! Within 24 hours my huge raging hot lump had transformed into a small hard lump about 3 cms round. Not hot. Not red. Not itchy. It took another remedy over a couple of weeks to disperse the hard lump – which we assume was my body containing all the toxins. My homeopath thought it was more an insect bite and infected from the flood waters than a knock. It was stunning how a few little white, no side effect pillules can change your health.

There are many books about homeopathy which can assist us beginners in learning how to care for our acute home health issues ourselves.

There are many books about homeopathy which can assist us beginners in learning how to care for our acute home health issues ourselves.

I’m totally sold on homeopathy. And yesterday as I was listening to Jane, the lovely homeopath who gave the course, I wished that I had known all these basic remedies when my children were little.

When we discussed the remedy Hepar Sulph, which helps clear persisting infections and discharges, my mind flew back 28 years to when I was walking in the Himalayas in Nepal.

The image of this little boy has haunted me all my life. He was one of the many curious kids on the trail. I remember him because of the puss oozing out of his ears. Green, smelly rivers of gooey discharge coming out both his ears. It was dried and caked down the side of  his throat. His big eyes watching everything as I’m sure he couldn’t hear much – or anything. I knew as Jane was explaining Hepar Sulph that this would have help this little boy lead a better life. A simple, gentle, cost effective way to better health and wellness.

Too late for him and too late for me dealing with my children’s childhood issues without drugs but…. with my little travel kit of homeopathics, remedies have helped me and others many times on my travels around the world and when Jude (my house mate) gets stung by another paper wasp – we can ease the pain more or less instantaneously.

It’s very effective for animals too so watch out cows!!

(Thanks to my lovely daughter who shared the day with me. How special to have kids whose interests directly align with mine!! AND – she has this brilliant mind which remembers everything so I have a mind of detailed information on tap – for Spanish translation and practice, for recipe ideas, for nutrition advice, for friendship and now homeopathics. And her hugs and smile and voice brighten my life constantly. I’m the luckiest mum in the world!! Gracias Princesa xxx).

Hasta pronto…….


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  1. I have a daughter very much like you describe and she is home for four weeks – we are reconnecting and our relationship just seems to get better and better – I also am the luckiest mum in the world 😀 Cheers Anca

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