The Best Tacos In The Universe!

Being gluten free, food manufactured containing cereals can be problematic for me.

As I’ve travelled around the world there are a few things I have come to appreciate because they are more or less dependable to be gluten free – and tacos are one of them. So far they have always been made with 100% corn/maize.

The best Tacos in the world under construction!!

The best Tacos in the world under construction!!

I used to think that corn tortillas were also always gluten free (tortillas here is as in the English definition – big flat breads for making wrap style meals as opposed to the Spanish meaning of tortillas which is a sort of yummy traditional omelette (sort of but not quite) made with cooked potatoes and eggs. Delicious and gluten free!!). However as I’ve read packets around the world, the tortilla packets which state “With corn”/ “Con maize” aren’t necessarily made 100% from corn. Often in Australia they are but for example in Spain I didn’t find any of these wrap type tortillas which were 100% corn and therefore gluten free.

That is one thing about being gluten free – you get good eye exercise reading the teeny tiny print on packets!!

Being vegetarian too I obviously don’t make the traditional Taco mincemeat/fried bean mix but substitute it for another protein packed option such as lentils. My daughter made the most delicious combinations to go into our Tacos. I was blissed out by them. I want to share them with you.

Left - only the lentil mix. Middle with the zucchini and avocado salsa and right ready to enjoy!!

Left – only the lentil mix. Middle with the zucchini and avocado salsa and right ready to enjoy!! Note flat bottoms of Tacos – this is new for me!

Here’s what she did:

  1. Wanted to make us all dinner with lots of love added – essential ingredient!!
  2. Bought these new style Tacos called “Stand and Stuff” – love the name. They were flat bottomed so you could literally stand them on your plate and “stuff” them full of yumminess.
  3. Put on her cute little spotty apron.
  4. Put the S&S Tacos on a tray and heated them all at once in the oven just before we were about to eat. (Don’t microwave).
  5. I will now change persona to YOU – the cook!!
  6. You have to juggle the next few steps so they are all more or less ready together. Everyone loves hot stuffings!!
  7. Stuffing/filling 1: Depending on how many people – a can of lentils (great protein) + a can of kidney beans (also great protein and makes it look traditional Tacoish!!) + salsa (homemade or if you are in for the quick fix meal, a jar) – salt to taste. You can prepare your own beans from dried beans. Cheaper but more time consuming if they are not already in the freezer ready for use! Mix together and heat ready for stuffing action.
  8. Stuffing/filling 2: Slice into long strips appropriate amounts of red onion (white or brown if you don’t have red but red is not so strongly flavoured), zucchini and capsicum (bell peppers – red or green or yellow or a mixture of them all for total eye flavour). Sauté in oil in a fairly hot frying pan until slightly softened but not dead – trying to retain as many vitamins as possible.
  9. Topping 1: For the salad salsa – Chop up finely and mix together things such as a small amount of shallots/spring onions or red onion, tomatoes, avocado, a little coriander (diversity is the key!!).
  10. Topping 2: Chop up reasonably thinly, so it will sit nicely in the Taco, dark green leafies bursting with B vitamins such as baby spinach and bok choi, or mixed lettuce leaves and you MUST have coriander – for me its a must have.
  11. Have all these 4 mixes in bowls, the table set, people primed ready to eat and heat the Tacos.
  12. Everyone can construct their own. I like to put the lentil mix on the bottom, then the zucchini mix, then the avocado salsa then all the greens. But that’s the beauty of everyone  constructing their own you can make it in your own preferred order or leave something out.
  13. These are not the perfect option for a polite meal where you are trying to impress someone as to how sophisticated you are!! When you grab them, you usually have yummy things dropping out the edges, down your front, down your chin, fingers ALL covered with juices…..
  14. Don’t be troubled by the ensuing silence. Blissing out takes some concentration!!

And within no time all you are left with are the dirty dishes and this wonderful sensation of having eaten delicious food and being content.

(And if you want to make a gluten free dessert see  my Tarta de Santiago.)

Buen apetito!! Enjoy the gastronomic taste adventure!!

Washing up is minimal as everyone loves everything so it all disappears!

Washing up is minimal as everyone loves everything so it ALL disappears!


2 responses to “The Best Tacos In The Universe!

  1. They do look fantastic. Tacos are one of my favourite things to order at a restaurant or make at home. Your recipe looks easy, I’ll have to try it out some time.

    • Hi Christine. Welcome. Yes – they WERE fantastic. And so healthy. Let me know how you go and any other exciting variation you tried!! Happy eating!!

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