International Blogging & Connecting

Blogging seems to start at home. You know – you and your computer. Your mind whirling and your fingers tapping. Just me – alone – writing for me – or so I thought!!

When I started blogging I didn’t really think about where my blog would go around the world. I thought maybe some of my friends in Australia and overseas would look at it and I expected my son to look at it from France.

Yesterday when I checked my stats for countries from which my blog had been viewed, I was AMAZED that my blog had been viewed by people in 21 countries. Coolatai is now truly an international cyber city!!! How exciting.

Where I've been with my blog in one and a half months!! All around the world. What fun!! Thanks everyone!!

Where I’ve been with my blog in one and a half months!! All around the world. What fun!! Thanks everyone!!

This whole blogging experience is turning out to be quite an unexpected adventure. I posted about  my one month anniversary emotions a couple of weeks ago.

I didn’t realise that it was possible to reach so many people by sitting in my lounge room – well, in mine and lots of other peoples homes!! I love travelling so end up writing my posts from my new bed on the floor in someones lounge with the dogs, or my swag on another floor or in the back of the car, or in my car in the rain waiting to start a walk – lots of places.

I love connecting with new people and cultures as it expands my mind to possibilities that my Australian “world” view can not give me. So connecting with so many countries through a blog is an unexpected adventure of connections. Quite unexpected!! Thanks everyone! Keep connecting!

Welcome to my blog!! Ha – how exciting!

I was talking with a lovely local Coolatai person the other day at the Coolatai Pony Express who, unknown to me, reads my blog. They actually gave me the first hint of this international connection excitement. She said she knows that I know a few people around the world so for her it was quite exciting knowing that people around the world were reading about Coolatai. I had never considered this. That my blog might actually have an impression on other people as well – in a positive way. How nice!! All these unexpected little adventures to my blog! I love it! (Not to mention the learnings from the technical side!!).

This whole blogging adventure has created lots of unexpected learnings and connections and excitements in my life.

If you’ve even thought creating a blog – just do it. Just start!! You never know just where you might end up around the world – or in your home world!!


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