Kangaroo Foot Print

I found this perfect kangaroo print. It was amazingly detailed. The impression of the back pad in the loose dirt was so finely preserved. I wonder if you can “palm read” a kangaroo??

The straight track at the top of the photo is the track from the roo’s tail.

I could see why macropods (the animal family which kangaroos, wallies, wallaroos etc belong to) are aptly named –  macropod means big foot!!

Kangaroo hind paw print

Kangaroo hind paw print

Detail of the roo's pad impression

Detail of the roo’s pad impression

3 responses to “Kangaroo Foot Print

    • I already do that!! Cow poo is pretty important and how many dung beetles there are. I have to race the dung beetles for poo in summer so am used to breaking it open to see if I can take it. Smelling poo and earth is much than paint sniffing!!! It’s great in a compost stew too!! I love brewing up and then breaking up all the bits with my fingers – ohhhh, so natural – and it smells fabulous!!

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