23 Countries!!

Sweden has just viewed my blog!! Wow – how cool. That makes 23 countries that have viewed my blog and Coolatai. 23 countries have travelled to the centre of the universe (Coolatai!!)!! Isn’t that just the coolest thing.

I love technology  (I also see its intrusive side). I am getting behind on technology and what it has to offer so this blog is getting me a little more up to speed with social media. I have a few more area I need to focus on too. I don’t want to be old and out of touch with technology!! Being up to date with technology is part of a sustainable lifestyle I feel. If it doesn’t take over, technology and the information you can gather from it is invaluable to contributing to your lifestyle as you can cheaply and quickly tap into so many brilliant ideas.

23 countries and counting!! I keep thinking it will stop - but it doesn't!! Totally cool!

23 countries and counting!! I keep thinking it will stop – but it doesn’t!! Totally cool!


2 responses to “23 Countries!!

  1. Indeed! Technology is allowing us to measure, assess and modify our life style. Centralizing and sharing common resources including information and information systems is enabled by technology such as the Internet and computers. The Internet is growing and getting faster which will further enable this trend. Fewer private data centres and business systems will save a lot of energy over time as organisations switch to Internet based services (the buss word Cloud). A real NBN will unlock our creativity, foster innovation and give us a whole lot of new options (was going to say ‘love’ but that could be misinterpreted)!

    • What great insight Paul. It would be great if we willing shared common resources. I did have to laugh a little when I read “the internet is getting faster” – you don’t live where I live. YouTube is SOOOOO frustrating in the country. The download speed is so slow that mostly I don’t have the patience to wait 20 minutes to watch a 5 minute YouTube!! It’s fast in some place but the Australian rural areas aren’t given a fair share of that speed!! I hope a real NBN WILL unleash greater connectivity and innovation but I am a little skeptical at how truly national it will be. Cynically I feel it will favour the larger population centres. But one must live in hope that all are considered and supported!!

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