What You Should Know About But…..

The list of what we should know and what we are being told (if you're reading the news and listening!!).

The list of what we should know and what we are being told (if you’re reading the news and listening!!).

….what you read about in the papers or hear on the news. A nice summary!!

I have to admit I gave up reading the newspaper about 2 years ago. Einstein was pretty amazing. OK – he realised amazing things about such things as relativity but I also love how he approached life. I think my favourite Einstein quote which I will probably quote numerous times in my blog is:

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

And in the news its just the same thinking over and over and over again. Not much new. Not much positive. Just information which is often questionable as to its validity. Frequently no mention of  all the things on the left hand side above which are severely impacting us – NOW. So we continue to create the same mess because our thinking doesn’t change.

EINSTEIN Wallpaper__yvt2

Changing my life, doing the tree change thing, has encouraged me to try and follow some more of Einstein’s advice which relates to how we choose to  think and what we choose to influence our thinking. I try to use different thinking so maybe I can change my little patch of the world and not create more of the same.

All the following are quotes from Einstien:

“Information is not knowledge.” [..and I feel the news only gives us information which is nicely pointed out above. The news rarely gives us knowledge as to how we can make a change. ]

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”  [This is why I have soooo much to learn on the farm because I have zip farming experience so zip farming knowledge!!]

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”. [I like this. I like this idea that what we do can spread out and embrace the entire world. We can learn from each other and teach each other. I need all the teachers and imagination I can get!!]


I also don’t feel that everything is doom and gloom. There is such an strong ground swell of people who are questioning the current story and looking for the “new” story – which seems to be a rehash of the stories written decades, even centuries ago – just with some technology throw in to speed the plot up a bit to keep us all interested and to connect us all more easily!!

People are looking to and ARE building communities again. I live in one of those communities. They say the bush communities are dying in Australia but Coolatai is flourishing. It has more life than some apartment blocks filled with people in the cities where there are no connections! (See my post on the Coolatai Tractor Pull).

Lots of people at our local community event - the Coolatai Tractor Pull!

All sizes of people at our local community event – the Coolatai Tractor Pull!

I reckon its a good idea to “read” your mind and try to find your imagination rather than reading the newspapers. Your imagination is more creative and relevant to your environment that any government report or agronomist. The newspaper won’t tell you where things are changing on your land. But your eyes can see this and your imagination can tell you how to react constructively to this change.

There is so much great knowledge that is being shared on the net. We just have to find what we connect with and learn from those peoples’ experiences and knowledge that they share. I find reading blogs and web pages of people who ARE the change inspiring (and whom the newspapers rarely quote) such as Farming Secrets or Milkwood Permaculture. Mandy my neighbour here in Coolatai has just also written about things not being doomy and gloomy in the bush!! Read Mandy’s blog post here!!

So, I think I’ll stick to the left  and change the way I’m thinking to create change!! What do you think?

(I found this list on Facebook – I’m not sure how to share this photo properly with credits yet so in my clumsy manner I have inserted this here with credit and copyright going to: Timeline Photos with The Unknown; But Not Hidden Community.)

6 responses to “What You Should Know About But…..

  1. Great post Princesa Fiona! I completely agree – if we are going to have a future then we need to stop watching and listening to rubbish, and this is not just restricted to newspapers but, all kinds of media!
    Who can recon with money, who really knows their rights, Eddie had the power of reason, he never lost his will to fight! Dumbed down by excesses, gagged by unreal beliefs, our integrity has been ransacked by undermining Sheriffs. Clever people in glass towers, offering kind assistance. Moulding their dreams of our success into a nightmare existence. Koki saw our spirit was gone, we sold our souls long ago. Sucked into industrialization and sunk deep into – into a hole. Struggling to keep our heads above, a swirling pool of depression. To dizzy to pull ourselves together to defend against aggression. And silence is like a partnership with the crimes committed by our race. And our personal oppression won’t help fix this – wont help fix this place.
    A little song I wrote a few years back. And a theme for a couple of my other songs as well!

    • I was a little confused by your words for a bit Paul until I read that your words are song lyrics. They’re great. How cool. How clever are you!

      Do you have a YouTube link to a live version of you and your band playing this? It would be interesting to hear them with music.Please post link here as others may also be interested.

      We do have the ability to change things though. If we believe we can escape from it we do. Trusting is a pretty hard thing to do but there are so many angels in the world that when you need help, they seem to appear. A person on a bus, an unexpected score of money, a friendly email or phonecall when we’re down. Or we can self talk and tell ourselves we are pretty lucky with our lives. Anyone reading this obviously has access to a computer. THAT in itself is a privilege as this gives us access to knowledge and therefore self empowerment and thereby change.Everyone can be the change.

      Maybe you can write some lyrics about what we can proactively do to create change – within us and around us. The positive side of change that IS happening.

      I’d be honoured if you would post them on my blog!!

      You’re so creative!! I’m impressed. We’re 50+ and just getting started!

  2. Hi Princesa Fiona – just on my way home from an o’night work trip to Brisbane. I’m working on the YouTube thing! In relationship to what we do next having acknowledged that we have problems with the last 300 years or so of western approach is tricky because we have invested so much stuff in getting to this point. It’s like herding Zombies! I think that recognising the problem is a good start but I will need some time to think about how to wake us up using positive messages. Sometimes I think that people don’t want to hear what’s wrong, just what’s in it for them? I accept your challenge!

    • What an inspiring response Paul – thanks.

      I totally agree with you – recognising and starting to accept that there is a problem is probably the biggest step. For my huge life change, the biggest step was making myself unemployed, no income stream but a huge mortgage. Once I took that step the rest has flowed.

      I actually feel you have hit the nail on the head when you wrote “we have invested so much stuff in getting to this point”. Personally I feel it is this attachment to “stuff” that causes us not to move forward. When someone has a cupboard full of 50 shirts but they only wear their favourite 5 all the time, there is this weight, a deadening of space by all the other unused shirts. But we might “just” happen to need one of those other shirts – one day!!

      We surround ourselves with space taking, energy dampening “stuff”. Why? I personally start to feel that it is our fear that the future won’t be as good as the past so we have to gather “stuff” from now (which instantly becomes the past) to comfort our journey into the unknown (and assumed future which will not be as good as now) – almost like the pharaohs in their tombs – comforts for the after life, the future.

      Yesterday when I was sitting on the back of the ute stuffing cardboard into huge papersacks to put into erosion gullies, I knew I was happy – but I have so much less of everything than I’ve ever had before. A pile of cardboard seemed to make me richer than a pile of money as laced with the cardboard is freedom and in some ways a lack of responsibility. The money – it bring so many emotions and expectations and responsibilities (eg you have to guard it in case someone else will take it and then you won’t have it and you assume you will never get any more money so you have to actively guard it using LOTS of energy).

      I feel part of the way forward is to let go – particularly of “stuff” – new clothes, ornaments, the latest gadgets every time a new one comes out, repair something rather than buy a new one. Make decisions thinking not just of yourself but of the earth too. “This plastic something has taken lots of resources to make. If I buy it I increase demand for it and assure that it will be produced again. Do I want it? Yes. Do I NEED it? Most likely the answer is no.”.

      Same for food: “This food which hasn’t been grown organically by a small farmer who cares for the earth and his community – do I want to support that industry buy voting with my wallet and fork?” If the answer is “no” – don’t buy it. Grow your own or source healthier options. In Australia we are lucky to have fabulous options with food. Overseas – you’d have to take the initiative and be the change!

      There is an express blog post waiting on my blog for your inspirational words Paul – always. I would even invest in space to post YouTubes if you have a YouTube!! I hope you meet this accepted challenge by Christmas this year! I’m so excited by this!!

      Go Paul. Sing a different story of change actually happening and people loving being the change and the non-moneytary gain they FEEL. Feel good. Feel freedom. Be alive with all senses.


  3. I’m in the bus on my way too work.  A bit of cloud around but a lovely day nonetheless. 
    It’s people like you, who lead by example, that will change our world.  I think that history has proven that words and songs don’t work except for perhaps helping people to see the bleeding obvious.  But I think that we fail by not going to the next step and leading by example.  That’s one of reason I love what you are doing.  I believe that you are a true leader! And thank you very much for your insight and beautiful words of encouragement!

  4. My freethinking journey started a long time ago.  I was inspired by my 10 years in PNG and the contrast between the worlds I was moving between, 3rd world PNG to developed world Australia.  
    I really noticed a difference in the openess and freedom of thinking.  PNG was significantly less constrained and the attempts by the western establishment to change that was very apparent.  Fortunately, I think that the diversity of the cultures in PNG presented a natural resistance and it was good that independence came relatively early there (compared to somewhere like South Africa) because it allows PNG to develop their own understanding of themselves rather than being directed in certain ways by outsiders.  I think that Australia had also learned something from their mistreatment of our indigenous folks as well and that lesson resulted in us letting PNG go there own way early.
    I am classified by our establishment as an Activist although I prefer Freethinker but I don’t care much for labels.  
    Over the last 10 years I have written 30 ish songs and in the last 2 I have compiled a song book.  I collaborated on some of the songs and I have also included discussion about the process, what worked and what didn’t plus background about what inspired each of the songs.  I’m currently doing some final corrections before I share with a small group for feedbck and editing.  
    The book is important for me because it allows me to reflect and move forward with my adventure which I am hoping with be less about me and more about everything else!

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