Basic Roast Salad

One of the best meals you could wish for!

One of the best meals you could wish for!


This is a meal my daughter makes with lots of love – the falafels always taste better made with love! Silence rules as we all sit and devour this simple yet delicious meal.

Everyone HAS to be ready to be sitting at the dinner table. Halloumi MUST, MUST, MUST be eaten hot therefore everyone must be sitting at the table ready to eat when the halloumi is hot. Forks raised to attention……….

On a bed of lettuce or salad greens (rocket, asian greens, spinach, lettuce, any herbs) place your favourite veggies – not too many. Ours include:

  • Avocado
  • Capsicum – various colours
  • Roast pumpkin (always roast pumpkin!!!)
  • Cherry tomatos
  • Falafels – some of the premixed ones are good but check the ingredients as somehow, wheat ingredients seem to slip into even these traditionally chick pea based yummies

Alert everyone it is nearly halloumi time then grill or lightly fry the halloumi. Serve IMMEDIATELY. Eat IMMEDIATELY – talk later!!!

Easy and yummy and can be varied by whatever you have in the cupboard. If you haven’t had your protein for the day, add a can of chick peas (garbanzo beans) or cannelloni beans.

Bon appetite!!


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