Technical Glitch and Support!!

Part of blogging is the mechanics of the process. When I first started 3 months ago I struggled just to post. The first time setting the blog up and working out how to merely write and publish the first post was a real challenge. There was so much technical “stuff” to learn. I now keep looking everywhere for technical support!

Gradually I’ve managed to learn to add photos and then to place them a little more effectively and then to create photos libraries.

I’ve had to learn to read my stats and understand what they mean. I’ve had to learn how to categorise, tag posts and google for technical support.

Technical support at the beach!

Technical support and perspective at the beach!

I’ve had to find the time to blog and manage writing with travelling and doing urgent things and having relationships and catching up with friends and tracking my elusive son in France. Blogging has been a very different experience than I first imagined. Enriching in many fabulous ways but sometimes frustrating with a few technical glitches.

Recently I discovered that even when you have put something into place, such as create a link to Facebook, it can be mysteriously undo!! The worst thing is I had no idea that I needed to check this.

Technical support from the ripples in the water.

Technical support from the ripples in the water to help me keep going.

A friend commented to me that I hadn’t posted for ages. I was surprised to hear that and this lead me to discover the disappearance of my link to Facebook. My life has changed a little lately so I chosen to direct my time else where which has resulted in me not posting as frequently as I would like but I didn’t think I had stopped! I found my missing connection, mended it and learned more about the technical side of my blog. Forever learning which is one of the huge positives of a blog.

Technical support at a creek

Technical support at a creek

Writing my blog makes me always consider what is important. Why am I blogging? Is there something else more important to do with my time? If I didn’t have all these  country life experiences would I have anything to blog about? What else would/could I be doing with my life? Am I more observant when I am enjoying my experiences because I consider it might become a blog post and therefore observe more of the sensations? What am I getting out of blogging? What are my readers getting out of blogging? Is it successful?

Technical support in a fire drum

Technical support in a fire drum

And when I try to analyse the whole blogging process I realise just how important the mechanics and the technical side of the whole process are. If I am not connected to the processes and giving me feedback, then how can I know what’s going on?

Technical support at sunrise

Technical support at sunrise

Having the technical glitch in my blog has highlighted to me I need to ensure there are feedback loops in my life which I regularly check and take notice of to ensure elements of my life are functioning as I thought they were – my blog, my finances, my daily health and wellbeing routines and most importantly my relationships. Am I simply assuming they are all functioning well as I assumed with my blog? Or are they disconnected from me because I haven’t paid them attention? Do I make enough space in my life for me to ensure I am content with my interaction with all the elements in my life – the pragmatic, societal imposed ones as well as those which enrich me and make me content and happy?
Technical support from tree bark

Technical love and support from tree bark 


Unfortunately when I ask myself these questions I am pretty sure I don’t leave enough time to ensure the most important people and activities are prioritised in my life. Hmmmm……. food for thought.

Any suggestions out there as to how to ensure priorities remain in the correct order and are not taken over by societal expectations?


2 responses to “Technical Glitch and Support!!

  1. I think that we are all in the same boat Fiona! It’s reassuring to read your blogs – not that I have had much time lately to do that either – and relate to your feelings and be inspired by your life. Keep up the awesome work, I say selfishly! You are giving me hope!

    • Thanks Paul! Its so great to receive your feedback.

      And yes – I agree – it IS nice to know we are not alone in what we sometimes see as our individual struggles. Isn’t there a saying something like “A trouble shared is a trouble halved”. How true!

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