Three Cups of Tea in Mongolia!

You never know what will happen when you go and have morning tea with strangers!!

I was invited around to have morning tea with some friends and the sister of one of them and her husband about a month ago. They are this incredibly interesting couple who live and work in Mongolia. They live a diverse life which you can read about at Robyn’s blog Mongolian Mumbles.

We all got chatting about overseas travel adventures – the issues we’d all had at passport control, over visas, about travelling in patriarchal countries, about food and transport. It was great to fly around the world with friends at a coffee table.

One never knows what will happen over a cup of tea!!

One never knows what will happen over a cup of tea!!

Robyn and Nigel said to me “Come and visit us in Mongolia. You’d love it.”.

Robyn’s brother said “Be careful Robyn – this woman is likely to take you up on the offer”.

Robyn said that I would have to go before November as that is when their current work contract runs out.

After a moments thought I am now going to Mongolia! A friend liked the idea too so he is coming as well. And Robyn and Nigel’s grandson was going over so we are escorting him to Mongolia.

Wow – I’m SO excited. Suddenly I am leaving on an overseas adventure with TWO companions plus TWO more when I get there.

I am used to travelling all by myself all over the world. I can’t imagine what it will be like to have company all the way. It will be fun and even MORE talking along the way!!

One of Robyn's photos from her blog "Mongolian Mumbles".

One of Robyn’s photos from her blog “Mongolian Mumbles”.

So – it’s off to Mongolia for me in about 3 weeks. Life is full of unexpected wonderful adventures.

Mongolia here I come!!


6 responses to “Three Cups of Tea in Mongolia!

  1. WOW!!! Nothing like a spur of the moment decision. I know you will enjoy yourself, you always do. Will be waiting to hear all your adventures.

    • Hey Nene

      Yes – I WILL enjoy myself. Only problem was that Alexander was due home 3 days after I booked to depart (was committed to departure date) and I REALLY wanted to see my lovely “baby boy” after sooo many months. But looks as if that has resolved too as, judging from FB he is back to Australia before I leave which will be great.

      I’m hoping I will have time and connection to write about my adventures while I am away. I WILL try.

      No doubt we will catch up soon at some cycling event before Christmas. I’m looking forward to seeing you again and reconnecting.

      I’m going to ride a Mongolian “bicycle” ie a horse, so I will think of you when I am very saddle sore!!


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