Where Did Ghengis Khaan Go? Choosing Destinations.

Did Ghengis Khaan go to The GO? Probably not but he was always on the go! He seems to be a good person to follow. Should I follow his route in Mongolia?

And that was our first decision going to Mongolia. Where to go.

Actually, this is ALWAYS my problem when I travel – where to go as there are always so many delicious destinations and detours and deviations! Everywhere is always SO enticing. It is difficult to choose.

After our cup of tea and being enticed to go to Mongolia, I then had to decide where to go. Departure date was decided by one of my travelling buddies. His departure date was booked so it was predetermined but my return date and depart point weren’t.

Suddenly the whole of northern Asia opened up to being possible destinations.

Train possibilities!!

Train possibilities!! (From http://www.monkeyshrine.com)

Travel only in Mongolia?

Or “pop” down to China and fly home from Beijing?

Or spend time in Seoul on the way back?

Or travel cross country to Korea?

Siberia is “just” a few hundred kms up the road (and millions (literally) of square kilometres!!) with limitless possibilities.

Or go cross country and end up in Tibet?

Or perhaps take the Trans Mongolian Railway north, connect with the Trans Siberian Railway, train East and fly out of Vladivostok?

Or go west and fly home from Moscow?

Mongolia almost touches Kazakhstan so could pop over there too?

The agony of choices!! All equally delicious. The only thing I was always sure of was that no matter what we decided to do was that it would be fun and full of good adventures and wonderful people. This is always how it is when you travel. Hiccups are possible but they are strong life lessons sent our way for growing.

This choosing of trip destinations is an analogy of life. We have so many choices each day. We have small ones (The white mug with “Super Woman” it – a precious gift, or the really big one so I can have more green tea, or the mug with love hearts on it which look like how my daughter drew love hearts when she was 4?), or what to do on waking in the morning, or which food to eat – the junk or the healthy?

My special SUPERWOMAN mug. A precious gift from a friend. Always a favourite!

My special SUPERWOMAN mug. A precious gift from a friend. Always a favourite!

Then there are the big ones. Do I stay in this job which isn’t fulfilling? Do I continue in this big house which is costing me so much effort and time to maintain? Do I down size? Do I do the tree change thing? Do I go and volunteer overseas? Do I go searching for a partner? What do I really want out of life? Is my current life really fulfilling my soul? Am I well – in body, mind and spirit? If I died tomorrow and had a chance to reflect would I regret not having done something? Am I living or just existing?

I decided to ditch the house, the job, the city and jump and now I’m flying! When you’re free and happy, flying comes naturally so you don’t fall.

Now I have more energy than when I was 35 (17 years ago)! Now I have freedom to choose what I want to do! Now I wake up excited by the possibilities which will turn up Today!

About the only question I ask myself once something becomes of serious interest to me is “What is the worst possible outcome in this scenario? Can I live with the result of this outcome?”.

If the answer is yes, I jump (and fly).

If I’m not sure, I reconsider more aspects and ask why I am unsure. I feel for the answer.

If the answer is no, I reassess and see if I can change anything so the worst possible outcome becomes acceptable.

If the answer is still no I use my intuition and “feel” whether I should still do it.

If it is still no, I know there is a better opportunity waiting for me and move on.

No matter what, even if it is challenging, either physically or emotionally, I know that opportunity will be an experience of a life time and dive in with believing it will be good. I’m rarely disappointed.

So with Mongolia, we dove in and are flying in and out of Ulaan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia. Once that was done our “plan” was set. a) Arrival date and airport – set, b) departure date and airport – set and c) this beautiful big, delicious “empty” space which we can fill with adventures as they arise!! Time has this never ending habit of filling itself in.

If in doubt, live adventurously simple to have adventures!!

Hasta pronto……. (Until soon…..)

The winner of a horse race in Mongolia was this saddle less  girl. She is my inspiration - I can't ride but I will follow her spirit when I'm horse riding in Mongolia. For full story see my friend's blog Mongolian Mumbles (http://www.mongolianmumbles.com/2013/08/biggest-horse-race-of-century-world.html)

The winner of a horse race in Mongolia was this saddle less girl. She is my inspiration – I have almost no horse riding experience but I will follow her spirit when I’m horse riding in Mongolia – and be a Mongolian Warrior Princess!! For full story see my friend’s blog Mongolian Mumbles (Photo and story from http://www.mongolianmumbles.com/2013/08/biggest-horse-race-of-century-world.html)


7 responses to “Where Did Ghengis Khaan Go? Choosing Destinations.

    • Jess – I struggle to stay in place walking on a horse. I actually have no real comprehension just how amazing this feat is. You are obviously a rider and therefore CAN appreciate her ability!! I’m hoping to learn to canter (with saddle, reins, support and a quiet horse)!!! Galloping maybe next life!

      • That’s great news for me Jess. Now I’m looking forward to cantering as I feel galloping would be such a freeing experience – literally as you say a breeze in your hair and feeling wild and connected with nature through your horse. Can’t wait. Thanks for the encouragement.

      • Yes, it’s great when you’ve got someone racing next to you up a bush track – Jackaroo and I were racing last weekend. Love it! No worries, I have all faith in you 🙂

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