Are Dragons Real?

When I was little the song “Puff The Magic Dragon” was one of my favourite songs. One day an adult told me that Jackie Paper grew up and therefore the dragon didn’t exist any more as dragons are mythical figures. I was disappointed. I want dragons to be real as they seem really cool and create such great legends.

Recently I’ve had to reconsider this idea. Dragons seem to be popping up everywhere this week for me!

These dragons with their paws on magic red balls are at a friend’s house and have made me more aware of dragons lately.

Magic Oriental Dragons adapting to life in Australia with a local Himalayan salt lamp to make them feel at home!!

Magic Oriental Dragons adapting to life in Australia with a local Himalayan salt lamp to make them feel at home!! Definitely not European dragons.

When I left The GO last week, the farm I live on, I met another dragon. Like the dragon’s  above s/he had her/his hand on a magic ball too!! Sitting right on the gate post of the entrance gate of The GO, this dragon seemed to be a Guardian of The GO.


Then I saw another dragon. We had gathered a beautiful dead tree trunk (a true artwork by nature) from the farm and put it in the garden. “Dragons” hadn’t been sighted in this part of the garden before. Then this dragon appeared suddenly!! S/he was so content to sit in the sun as I crept around taking photos of it!!

Dragons are an important part of Mongolian legends. The greatest Mongol dragon is a dragon-snake with 27 heads and 33 tails. I sure hope I don’t meet this one as I’m sitting  on my horse on the Mongolian steppes!! (Read about my horse riding lessons in my previous posts.)

Perhaps the most famous dragon like creature from Mongolia is the Mongolian Death Worm. I’ll let Wikiedia explain:

The Mongolian death worm (In Mongolian: олгой-хорхой, olgoi-khorkhoi) [I’m struggling how to pronounce these words!], is an alleged creature reported to exist in the Gobi Desert. It is generally considered a cryptid: an animal whose sightings and reports are disputed or unconfirmed.

It is described as a bright red worm with a wide body that is 0.6 to 1.5 m long. [That’s one HUGE worm!!! You’d only need one in your compost bin!].

Image of the Mongolian Death Worm.

Image of the Mongolian Death Worm.

[Image from:]

The worm is the subject of a number of claims by Mongolian locals – such as the ability of the worm to spew forth an acid that, on contact, will turn anything it touches yellow and corroded (and which would kill a human), as well as its reported ability to kill at a distance by means of electric discharge.

[Extract from:”.

Definitely not planning on meeting this “worm”. I’ll stick with dragons! They seem safer somehow – more imaginable therefore more controllable!! Hopefully I’ll meet a few like my garden dragons. That would be exciting. (I saw these amazing bright blue and orange lizards in Argentina last year. They looked almost plastic their colours were so vivid).

Mmmmm…… I wonder what I will encounter in Mongolia! I’m so excited to find out. Only a week until I leave home!!

Hasta pronto! (Until soon!)



2 responses to “Are Dragons Real?

    • Isn’t it fun sitting quietly somewhere and watching the animals around you – big and tiny. It’s all so carefully planned and integrated.

      I have to admit though Jess that the one on the log looked pretty content with life and wasn’t looking for food – just maximum sun on his flattened out body.

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