Celebrating 100 Posts and First Mob Move

This is my 100th blog post! Wow! And I am also celebrating moving my first mob of cows and calves all by myself! Through 3 paddocks!

Three years ago I never dreamed of either of these events being part of my life. How life twists and changes and becomes more exciting as you get older. I love staying young but living more years and having more fun experiences. Thank goodness I’ve had over 50 years of great experiences and not only 20 or 30! Live on life!

In late May 2013 I started this blog. This was my first monumental post!! I posted about my 1st month anniversary and this was about my 1st month anniversary emotional review. It’s nearly 2 months on from then.

I wasn’t sure about starting a blog but as Seth Godin says, you just have to start. Starting gives you experience and by starting you will fail and learn. By starting you are actioning change.

I feel action is good – much better than complaining about things you can’t change. Move on and create change. I am using writing to create change within myself and loving this new experience.

The world map of my blog!! Wow - check out all those places where Coolatai and my adventures have been in the world!!

The world map of my blog!! Wow – check out all those places where Coolatai and my adventures have been in the world!!

When I started my blog I didn’t project out to 100 posts later. I probably didn’t conceive it would be a possibility. 100 posts! That is thousands and thousands of words. Hours and hours of thinking and doing and posting and taking photos.

A quick review of my cumulative statistics.

As I said in the beginning I didn’t  think about who would read this and where this would go or where it would take me. I have constantly been surprised at how many people have read my blog and have responded to me – either via the blog or Facebook or email or in person.

I LOVE travelling. It is one of my most valuable sources of learning and meeting people. I have travelled to 51 countries (this is a perpetual item on my Bucket List – to have travelling to as many countries as I am chronologically old. I turned 52 a few weeks ago so luckily I am going to a new country this week!!) so when I read my blog has been read by people in 43 countries I get excited. Wow – HOW amazing and cool is that. My blog is out there in the world, all around the world.

As I read through the list of countries I can see a likely connection to different people: Australia (lots of people), Spain (my lovely backpackers that stayed with me in Brisbane and whom I then stayed with in Spain), Mongolia (one of my host later this week who writes Mongolian Mumbles), Tanzania (my guide from when I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro), USA (various friends I’ve hiked and travelled with there plus new WordPress friends), France and Germany (my son as he cycles in Europe), Serbia (my son’s cycling team mate who has gone home on holidays), Hong Kong (my awesome exchange student who lived with me in Brisbane years ago)….. lots of little personal connections.

Then there are sooooo many countries with which I have no connection –  Poland, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Sweden, Mexico, India, Netherlands, UAE, Ireland, Tunisia, Malaysia, Morocco…….  Some countries I have to look on the provided world map to see where they are exactly.

When I sit back and really FEEL about this, I am filled with wonder that social media can travel me vicariously around the world. Without me knowing it I am making contact with all sorts of people. My ripples are rippling out and touching them and with their contact, their energy ripples back and enriches my life. THIS is an unexpected benefit and wonder of my blog

Some of the more eclectic countries that my words have travelled to!

Some of the more eclectic countries that my words have travelled to!

This connecting to different countries is one of the most exciting aspects for me so if you know anyone in another country, please ask them to look at my blog – just once is fun for me. I really DO get a buzz when I see another country name on my list.

My blog aim for countries is to have at least as many countries as I am aged – I need 9 more this year. I know I’ll get that.

Oh – I’ve just checked my stats and I have a NEW country – Macedonia!! That makes 44. Thanks Macedonia – you must have heard my wish!

Summary of stats:

  • This is my 100th post
  • I have 453 followers – 65 people who have signed up and 388 who connect with me through my Facebook page
  • I have been viewed by people in 44 countries (wow!)
  • There have been 2,682 viewings of my blog
  • 2/3rds of my traffic is from Australia (oh – I have such loyal friends. Thanks guys and thanks so much for all the supportive and positive feedback. It really does encourage me.

I enjoy writing but I have to admit I find it exciting when someone tells me they enjoyed a post and why. It makes me feel incredibly special!

I think ” Wow – someone read my blog post AND liked it AND told me!”. Surely this must be one of the highest accolade I can receive for my writing.

I was going to write about moving the mob too – but I’m actually soooo busy settling the last details of my flight to Mongolia tomorrow that I haven’t left enough time.

So this post is probably it until I have connection in Mongolia. I won’t have a computer so I will be relying on others (friends and internet cafes) to write.

I have no idea how frequent my posts will be but I will try so you can enjoy the excitement of my Magical Mongolian Mystery Tour with me.

100 blog posts! Definitely a personal achievement.

Hasta pronto…… (until soon…..)


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