Hi! I’m Princesa Fiona on the go. Press the wrong buttons though and I turn into a green ogress (yet to happen as life seems pretty cruising – not much to get green about)!!

When I first started writing this blog, I lived on a reasonably remote farm (nicknamed The GO) in northern NSW, Australia but have recently moved to near the  small rural country town of Inverell in northern NSW (population 12,000 which is a reasonable size for a rural Australian town) – but I’m still on the go – just in a different way!

I was a city chick (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) until I made this Tree/Rural Change about 3 years ago and moved to greener pastures (well, they were green before the drought took serious hold).

Living the rural life is a whole new way of life for me. And I’m loving it. I have no plans of heading back to parking cars purgatory, rush hour crush, pollution incense, know not thy neighbour, bird and wildlife desert….

I’m happy hunting down alternatives for the things which you only get in the city such as:

  • Instead of the big 3D megascreen, bush cinema where you take your chair and sit in a backyard to watch a more conscious movie. Popcorn is still available – you just eat it around the open fire during intermission
  • Being inspired by the energy of the local high school talent on the stage at the newly renovated town hall rather than paying a fortune for a show the whole world sees. Equally as good.
  • Being invited over to morning tea and ending up in Mongolia
  • Getting to yoga in town stress free – It takes me 10 mins to get in my car, drive into town (unless there’s a traffic jam of 1 early morning truck at 6.15am), park, walk into class, rack my shoes, pay, get my mat out, and be ready for the first stress free breath…………
  • What were all those advantages of living in the city???

This blog is for my reflections about my adventures – my learnings, the soil and plants, the animals, the people, travel, reminiscences …….  whatever comes to my fingers.

I have chosen to follow a gluten free (4 years), vegetarian (8 years) diet and will share some of my “Fiona Surprise” food creations in my blog – under Recipes. [I love Michael Pollan’s summary of food – “Eat food (ingredients his grandmother would have recognised). Not too much. Mostly vegetables. At a table. In company.” Sums how we should eat perfectly.]

I hope to connect with like minded people so please let me know you’ve been here by a like or even better, a comment – thanks. I would like to learn from you too.

A year on I have been surprised at just who has read my blog. It’s fun! Hope you have fun as well reading this.

Happy “Going”.



PS I’ve been a way a while but now hoping to get back into my blog thanks to the encouragement of several friends, readers and supporters. Just wondering where to start. Mongolia? Trip from Cairns to NSW? The drought we’ve been in and are still in? Food creations? Fungi photos? No doubt my fingers will direct me!


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